Ankara, best asian food

The start of Asian cuisine popular in Turkey is taking place since the early 2000s. The Chinese restaurants or brands selling Sushi are becoming popular and making their names known in the last 15-20 years, especially in big cities. In these times, Turkey has quite a fan of Asian cuisine and followers. One of the major factors in the spread and popularization of Asian food is that it is both delicious and consumed quickly. But more importantly, it is much healthier than a hamburger or a hot dog. Especially, there has been an increase in the number of people consuming organic foods in recent years. People began to demand to eat foods from the Asian cuisine instead of consuming fatty and salty foods. Especially, Japanese cuisine is more advantageous in terms of being more practical than other Asian cuisines such as China, Korea and Thailand. But, There are many type foods of these countries in Turkey. So, Far East Cuisine is one of the most preferred international cuisine in Turkey.




Sushi is an indispensable food not only of Japanese cuisine but also of Far Eastern cuisine. There are some foods that are more popular in foreign countries than in their homeland. But we can't say that for sushi. Because sushi is popular food in Japan and the rest of the world. There is something to be considered about sushi. If you really want to eat good sushi in Turkey, you should select quality  restaurant. As the sushi alternative increases with each passing day, it is now necessary to choose the right restaurant for quality sushi. There is the best quality restaurant in Ankara. Sushi has different interpretations in each country. Sushio interprets sushi in the most professional way and offers it to customers. Sushico serves as the best sushi restaurant in Ankara. This restaurant is located in Çankaya district of Ankara. Sushico’s menu includes Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. In particular, the brand can meet all the expectations of sushi lovers, offers more than 60 sushi options. In the menu; There are special vegetable dishes for vegetarians and vegans. The fried ice cream, fried walnuts and honey fried banana options are preferred for desserts. In fact, the restaurant serves Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisine in general. This restaurant has an option suitable for everyone's taste.


Also, Sushico  attracts attention with its space designs. It is an option that you can evaluate at any time of the day with its comfortable environment. In addition, it can be preferred for romantic dinners, special nights and business meetings with its elegant wooden design, wide wine and alcohol choice, and the charm of the red concept. Sushico is a rapidly growing business. Furthermore, there are close to thirty branches in Turkey. This restaurant serves catering. A special menu can be prepared for up to 2000 people with the catering service. Sushico combines Far Eastern flavors with fans. Sushico can be a good dinner suggestion for those who want to try sushi or taste the specialties of the restaurant.

Candan Sülünoğlu