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Passing by the sea, looking at its beauty and peace, Istanbul presents its most special gifts to us. The most special of these gifts are the restaurants where we can taste the magnificent flavors. We provide you with the right to enjoy these gifts as the best restaurants in Istanbul. We offer the best and highest quality restaurants in the European and Anatolian regions of Istanbul for customers. You can find our quality restaurants where the taste is combined with the show and everyone is enjoying in the most popular districts of Istanbul. You can also watch all the beauties you want to see in Istanbul from the window of the restaurants by eating your delicious food. As the best restaurants in Istanbul, we come across delicious dishes, desserts and presentations from not only traditional but also world kitchen.




La Mia Luce serves customers in the district of Kadıköy in the Anatolian region of Istanbul as the best Italian cuisine company in Istanbul. La Mia Luce was granted “Ospitalità Italiana” award by the Italian consulate in the last months of 2016 which was put into service in order to provide quality tastes of Italian kitchen. This proves how ambitious he is about Italian cuisine. All organic products here meet the special recipes of Italian cuisine and match the skill of the restaurant chefs. La Mia Luce welcomes 140 people at the same time and offers over 70 wine choices. The restaurant's alcohol is on the menu; In addition to local wines, Italy, France, South Africa, North / South America, Portugal and many other countries such as the region's exclusive wines. The restaurant stands out from its competitors with its freshly prepared pasta and sauces which is one of the most important representatives of Italian kitchen in Istanbul. It allows you to eat Italian pasta, pizzas and desserts in the most popular district of Istanbul.




Kanaat Restaurant serves its customers in the historical district of Uskudar which is the best Turkish cuisine company in Istanbul. This restaurant has been in service since 1950 by a Rumelian family. So, this restaurant Known by everyone. Over 100 dishes and desserts are prepared from Kanaat’s cuisine every day. The culture of seeing and choosing dishes in the old restaurants continues in Kanaat Restaurant. For this reason, hot dishes lined up on the counter, olive oil and desserts create a visual beauty. Kanaat Restaurant also prepares special dinners for invitations and meetings.




Leonardo Restaurant & Cafe, the best breakfast business in Istanbul, serves our precious customers, in Polonezköy, a small paradise with fresh air in Istanbul. Leonardo; Turkish, Polish, French, Austrian and Slavic cuisine is prepared in the kitchen and offers the most popular tastes to its guests. You can come and have breakfast in the early hours of the morning, then enjoy nature and go to lunch. We can say that Leonardo restaurant &cafe ; its location, design, breakfast, delicious liqueurs and nature is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul without hesitation.





Hamdi Restaurant, the best kebab business in Istanbul, is located in Eminönü where you can enjoy the view of historical Istanbul. You can watch the unique view of Istanbul and try the most special tastes at Hamdi Restaurant where unique flavors of Southeast Region are prepared. Hamdi Restaurant has another branch in Beyoğlu and Şişli. Of course the quality is the same in every branch, the service is the same, the flavor is the same but still Eminönü is another. If you want to try the most special flavors of the Southeast against the view of Istanbul and bewitched in every flavor you taste, you should go to Hamdi Restaurant.




Kaşıbeyaz Akvaryum serves to customers, in Florya, one of the best quality districts of Istanbul which is the best restaurant in Istanbul. Kaşıbeyaz has been introducing Gaziantep cuisine and kebab varieties to its guests since 1974. You can see the most elegant form of Antep cuisine in this restaurant. Kaşıbeyaz stated that only flavor is not enough; comfort, elegance, service quality as a whole is an important example showing that the taste should be handled. The restaurant, which succeeds to enchant every guest with its space design, continues this magic with its taste. The most important issue; It ensures that you get the same satisfaction in all of its branches and manages to impress you. Kaşıbeyaz is one of the most important developing brand identity with the growing chain in Turkey by the number of branches increasing from day to day and certainly.




Etçi Mehmet serves to customers, in the Bakirkoy district in Istanbul's European region which is the best meat restaurant business in Istanbul. Etçi Mehmet manages to mention his name frequently and at the same time to increase customer quality and brand value of the company. Etçi Mehmet stands out with its taste and presentations despite many businesses in this concept who entered the sector with the steakhouse concept. Especially their service concept and efforts to give high flavor at low price makes them much more special. They are known to be very successful especially in red meat. The restaurant  manages to make its guests feel comfortable with its warm environment, and fills the eye with its elegant presentations which is enchanted with special specialties.













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