The place of Turkish cuisine is always separate from other ones. Turkish food is popular for many people. It is known that foreign tourists come to different cities every year in order to taste Turkish food and to see our unique country. Turkish food has unlimited tastes from Aegean to Middle East and from Mediterranean to Black Sea. You can discover these dishes in Istanbul is that our city which welcomes the most tourists both domestic and foreign. As the best Turkish food in Istanbul, we are able to turn ordinary food into a taste storm. You can try Turkish food in the best and highest quality restaurants in Istanbul’s European and Anatolian regions. You can find Turkish food in the most popular districts of Istanbul where the taste is combined with the show and everyone enjoys eating. You can try the world famous Turkish dishes against the view of Istanbul.




Halil Lahmacun is the best lahmacun business in Istanbul. It is located in the most popular district of Istanbul, Kadikoy. Lahmacun is the most well-known dish in Turkish cuisine. Kadikoy has very good cafes, great tastes and a great view. But, Halil Lahmacun is much preferred for those who really want to eat Turkish food. Halil Lahmacun is one of the most indispensable and old businesses of Kadıköy bazaar. The cheese pita in this restaurant is also very popular and preferred except lahmacun. The pita and lahmacun hall has been open since 1980 in a small two-storey room. This establishment is among the indispensable businesses of Kadıköy. Because both pita bread and lahmacunu are very tasty and famous. Halil Lahmacun has no menu. You have two choices. These are special pita or delicious lahmacun.




Dönerci Ali Usta is the best doner business in Istanbul. It is located in Maltepe in the Anatolian region of Istanbul. Doner is the most popular dish of Turkish food that many foreign tourists like. Dönerci Ali Usta serves doner in the most delicious way. He opened his restaurant in Maltepe in 2004.  So, he became known as Dönerci Ali Usta . It shows that it deserves this name with the flavor of its doner. The head office in Maltepe has a large enough space to accommodate 1000 people at the same time. This restaurant has a VIP lounge, mosque, car park and valet service. Service is done quickly thanks to the sufficient number of staff. The doner is served as over rice or lavash. Also, It is served as sandwich and portion. Salads and pickles are served with doner.




Çanak Kebap and Katmer is the best regional cuisine business in Istanbul. Its is located in Kozyatağı in the European region of Istanbul. Çanak Kebab & Katmer prepares the flavors of Gaziantep region whose fame exceeds the borders with its advanced cuisine culture.  Gaziantep cuisine is home to the most popular Turkish dishes. Çanak Kebap is a restaurant where Antep cuisine is very intense. So There are many options from various kinds of soup to stuffed meat peppers, lamb tandoor to tomato kebab on menu. You can start with soup, then go to the kebab and finally close with katmer in this restaurant.


Candan Sülünoğlu