Turks have a rich culture in the cuisines as it is known. Kebab is one of the world-famous flavors of Turkish cuisine. Because our country has the highest variety of kebabs. There is a kebab type of almost every region in Turkey. They are completely different in terms of taste. As the best kebab places in Turkey, we offer the world-famous Turkish kebab in different cities of Turkey. Today, many different kinds of kebab are consumed in many restaurants. Kebab is a part of our lives and is generally loved. This shows us the importance of kebab. Kebab has become very important for us both in Anatolia and  the west. For this reason, kebab has become a symbol of Turkey. Today, many foreign tourists come from different countries and try Turkish kebab.




Kebab is an indispensable meal of Turkish cuisine. It is made in many restaurants in Şanlıurfa. But not every restaurant can create the same flavor. Çulcuoğlu Restaurant is the best kebab business in Şanlıurfa. It is located in the Haliliye district of Şanlıurfa. Çulcuoğlu Restaurant is one of the oldest businesses in Şanlıurfa. This restaurant wants to introduce Urfa cuisine. It added options from local cuisine and kebab varieties to its menu. People can taste the most delicious kebabs in Urfa in Çulcuoğlu.




The most famous Adana kebab is one of delicious dishes in Adana cuisine . Also, It  is among the indispensable dishes in Turkish cuisine. Although the specific Adana is located on the menu of all Turkey restaurants. Of course, Adana is the right city for those who want to eat real kebab. Kebapçı Mesut is the best kebab restaurant in Adana. This place serves in Çukurova, the most well-known district of Adana. Mesut Usta has become known as legendary kebab in a short time. Because he has helpful personality and talent in kebab. It is believed that the flavor is fed from freshness. Therefore, salads and appetizers are prepared on order.




The liver kebab is among the most popular types of kebabs. Ciğerci Mustafa is the best liver kebab business in Gaziantep. This place serves in Sahinbey district of Antep. Ciğerci Mustafa has been serving in Gaziantep for many years and reflects the cuisine and culture of this region to its cuisine. Ciğerci Mustafa provides liver to its customers professionally. Most people stay away from liver. Mustafa Usta's livers has no smell and the taste and the spice are wonderful. The variety of foods,  spaciousness of the place, the professionalism of staffs and of course the taste of liver makes it that the best liver kebab place.




Hamdi Restaurant, the best kebab business in Istanbul. It is located in Eminönü where customers can enjoy the view of historical Istanbul. They can watch the unique view of Istanbul and try the most special tastes at Hamdi Restaurant where unique flavors of Southeast Region are prepared. Also, Hamdi Restaurant has another branches in Beyoğlu and Şişli. 


Candan Sülünoğlu