There are all kinds of flavors in the world of eating and drinking in Antalya. Antalya cuisine is dominated by seafoods.  Antalya is preferred in terms of domestic and foreign tourists especially in summer months. For most tourists, the discovering Antalya’s cuisine is as important as discovering its historical and natural places. In this amazing city, there are a variety of eating and drinking alternatives to suit all tastes. It has an extensive menu from seafood to kebab. The best restaurants of Antalya have a taste for everyone's taste.




Paşa Kebab serves as the best kebab restaurant in Antalya. This restaurant is located in the Kemer district of Antalya. Paşa Kebab is called as the biggest kebab maker in Kemer. Paşa Kebap has been serving since 1994. This restaurant can accommodate approximately 200 people with its garden area and interior area. Paşa Kebab is very busy especially in the summer season. The revival of tourism in May and kebab interest of foreign tourists are among the reasons that increase the intensity. Paşa Kebab is one of the best options in Kemer. It also has an important role in introducing Turkish cuisine and food culture to foreign tourists. 




Muhtarın Yeri serves as the best village breakfast business in Antalya. This place is located in the Çakırlar district of Antalya. Muhtarın Yeri is a unique place for those who want to have breakfast on the beauty of nature and away from the sound of the city. Muhtarın Yeri attracts attention especially during the summer season. This place offers a wonderful village breakfast in a wonderful nature. The reason for being famous is the unique views. The breakfasts are completely prepared with organic products. So breakfast table is similar to the village table. Village cheese, jam, honey, olives, some walnuts and seasonal greens, tea and a plate of warm pancakes…




It is known by everyone that Turks love kebab. Kebab is famous for its Turkish cuisine and attracts the attention of many foreign tourists. Tourists visiting Antalya and do not go without trying Turkish kebab. The best address is Haydar Usta Ocakbaşı for real kebab. It serves as the best kebab restaurant in Antalya. Haydar Usta Ocakbaşı is located in the district of Alanya in Antalya. Haydar Usta Ocakbaşı has been offering its guests a pleasant kebab flavor experience since 2017.  They do not compromise on the quality of meats in a rich menu. In addition, it gives privileges to these flavors with the right meat cooking techniques. The fresh greens, lavash and seasonal salad are served with kebab.




Turkish cuisine has many types of food. And In Turkish cuisine, balanced diet and vegetarian cuisine can be the source of examples. These samples are best presented in Bi Lokma Restaurant. Bi Lokma Restaurant serves as the best Turkish cuisine in Kaş district of Antalya. Bi Lokma manages to represent Turkish Cuisine properly.

Candan Sülünoğlu