Bodrum is one of Turkey's most popular holiday places. It is important not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists. The list of things to do in Bodrum is quite long. The most important question is that what to eat in Bodrum. Because, the most important factor is that affects whether the holiday is good is to eat. For some people, the exploring local foods is important as visiting historical places. Bodrum has its own regional and healthy foods. Bodrum dishes are mostly olive oil,  meze and seafood. Domestic and foreign tourists taste these special tastes.




Tourists generally prefer fish restaurants who visiting Bodrum. The most important element is to be fresh and taste of fish for fish lovers. Köşem Restaurant serves as the best fish restaurant in Bodrum. This restaurant is known by everyone. This place attracts attention with its scenery, fresh fish and reasonable prices according to the region. Appetizers prepared with vegetables that are grown organically in their own gardens and the seafood they cook are unique. Köşem Balık is a happy restaurant where you can have a romantic dinner or a nice family lunch. A solution has been produced for the parking problem as a result of the fact that there is a coastline in this region.  The private car park is located just behind the main restaurant. So, It has arranged a parking space for guests. 




Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is known to everyone. Generally, a good breakfast announces a glorious day. Limonatta is the best breakfast business in Bodrum. It is visited by many local and foreign tourists. Limonatta offers a wonderful breakfast by delicious scents  under the tangerine trees. Limonatta's breakfast content is also very rich. In addition to all breakfasts, the service includes pastries and specialties from Limonatta. It is mostly busy early in the day due to their success at breakfast.




Turkish food is popular with many people. It is known that foreign tourists come to different regions every year in order to taste Turkish food and see our unique country. Bodrum is one of these places. Eski Köy Restaurant is the best Turkish cuisine in Bodrum. This restaurant has a very stylish and modern structure. The menu includes some of the most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine. The menu of Eski Köy Restaurant has many options such as mixed breakfast, doner kebab, and pita.




Gemibaşı is one of the best fish restaurants in Bodrum. This restaurant has been known for a very long time. Therefore, it is known that the same customers has been coming for years and bringing a new one with everyone. The location of Gemibaşı Restaurant offers great convenience, as well as great beauty in the view. This restaurant takes care to make fish during the season. Therefore, Everything that comes to customer’s table is extremely fresh and delicious.

Candan Sülünoğlu