Istanbul offers its most special gifts by looking at its historical and natural beauty. The most special of these gifts are the restaurants where we can taste the magnificent flavors. Istanbul welcomes tourists from many different countries. Local and foreign tourists try different tastes in its unique restaurants and cafes while visiting Istanbul. We offer the best and highest quality restaurants in the European and Anatolian regions of Istanbul. You can find quality restaurants in Istanbul's most popular districts where taste meets with the show and  everyone has a pleasant meal. You can also watch all the beauties you want to see in Istanbul from the window of the restaurants by eating your delicious food. You can eat delicious dishes and desserts from not only traditional but also international cuisine In Istanbul.




Hafız Mustafa serves as the best dessert business in Istanbul. This business is located in the historical district of Fatih, Istanbul. Hafız Mustafa is a very old place that makes desserts and confectionery. Hafız Mustafa won 11 medals in Europe in the field of confectioner between 1926 and 1938 years. Today, it has four branches in Bahçekapı, Sirkeci, Sultanahmet and Taksim. Hafız Mustafa has been repeatedly reported in local and international media. Domestic and foreign tourists are visiting some districts of Istanbul to try the desserts of Hafız Mustafa. 




Beyaz Fırın is one of the best patisseries in Istanbul.  This place serves in Kadıköy that Anatolian region of Istanbul. In addition, Beyaz Fırın is located in many districts of Istanbul. Beyaz Fırın currently has branches in seven different locations in Istanbul such as Atasehir, Etiler, Uskudar, Erenkoy and Suadiye. In addition, certain products are sold on the internet. It is possible to find the unique flavors of the business in every branch. It is a lovely place with its white exterior, striped awnings and three or five tables placed in front of its door.




Taç Restaurant is one of the best fish restaurants in Istanbul. This restaurant is located in Beykoz, the most beautiful district of Istanbul. Taç Restaurant is a fish restaurant with a wonderful Bosphorus view of Istanbul. It also serves delicious food to its customers. Taç Restaurant continues its success with its service quality and friendly staff in its service approach. The restaurant has a lounge for 150 people and a garden for 150 people. Taç restaurant can be a suitable option for company meetings, organizations and special meals. Especially, It is a good address that fish lovers will like.






Kanaat Restaurant serves customers in the historical district of Uskudar which is the best Turkish cuisine business in Istanbul. This restaurant has been in service since 1950 by a Rumelian family. So, this restaurant known by everyone. Over 100 dishes and desserts are prepared from Kanaat’s cuisine every day. The culture of seeing and choosing dishes in the old restaurants continues in Kanaat Restaurant. For this reason, hot dishes lined up on the counter, olive oil and desserts create a visual beauty. Kanaat Restaurant also prepares special dinners for invitations and meetings.



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